Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Coffee Shop Design

  • Design is derived from culture

    Modern day designers gain much of their inspiration from ancient cultural designs which have been regarded as special and beautiful.  This inspiration allows them to create modern designs which then create business opportunities.  Currently, designers love to use historical relics to find inspiration for their designs.  During his speeches about architectural design world famous Asian architect I.M. Pei has spoken about a poem from 1600 years ago by Tao Yen Min called Peach Blossom Shangri-la, where Tao Yen Min dreams of living in a paradise. This provided Pei with inspiration to build this paradise in the MIHO art museum in Japan.  The entrance is similar to a cave followed by a light at the end of the tunnel where you can clearly see the paradise he designed.  The meaning of this design is that the darkness of the tunnel followed by the light represents a passage to another world. 
    SPR Coffee’s design inspiration follows this as well.  The designs for the franchises are created according to the characteristics of the store location, the expected customers and special characteristics of the surrounding environment.  This results in personal designs for each location.  Therefore, SPR Coffee’s customers have discovered that each location has its own atmosphere and style which is very popular with customers and has become a unique feature of SPR Coffee.   On one hand design is flexible and the possibilities are endless.  The design can come from observing every day life or can come from one’s imagination.  However, all the basic elements and concepts of our design are the same in which we aim to create a warm space which feels like home.
    Although different coffee shops have different styles, SPR Coffee’s designs all come from the same principles which are drawn from the best elements of different cultures combined with Chinese culture.  Our design has passed the test of time and it has proven to be correct and well received by the customers.  

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